Mohit Daga: Opening vaccination to all from the start wouldn't have been a success


Mumbai, June 3 : Actor Mohit Daga feels that keeping in mind India's population, it is good that the government decided to make vaccination available for citizens in phases. The government started with senior citizens first, and then made vaccination available to those above 45, and only recently to those above 18. "Opening it (vaccination) for all from the beginning wouldn't have been a success given our huge population. Initially, Covid was affecting elders and frontline workers were at the risk of getting infected. So, it was sensible to get them their doses first. The second wave is affecting youngsters more and we already have the slots open for 18 years and above. More than blaming the system, we must blame those who took the situation lightly and flouted norms. I feel the focus now is more on children because they cannot wear masks for a long time," he tells IANS. Mohit, who is currently seen in the show "Tera Yaar Hu Mein" is yet to take his first dose but plans to do it as soon as possible. "In an interview, a doctor was saying that now the people who have been following healthy habits for years are safer than those who have just started after Covid-19 stuck us. Still, we are not late and we don't know what will happen tomorrow, be it natural calamities or another virus attack, healthy lifestyle always helps. Spirituality is also necessary. It makes you calmer, opens your senses. It brings a lot of positive energy in our lives," he adds. "There is so much negativity around and so many people are feeling hopeless. We must stand up on our feet first. When we do so, we can revive the economy. We have to be responsible, work hand-in-hand with the government. I also feel the government should do something for the middle and lower class as it's affecting them the most. We pay our taxes every year and therefore must get a proper medical facility to begin with. Previously it was a talking point as to how India has handled the first wave as compared to other countries but the second wave broke us bad. So, we need to reconsider our policies," he signs off. /IANS


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