Railways delivered 3,400 MT LMO, highest daily load of 718 MT on the run


New Delhi, May 8 : The Indian Railways said on Saturday that it has delivered nearly 3,400 MT of Liquid Medical Oxygen (LMO) in more than 220 tankers to various states across the country till now. A Railway Ministry spokesperson said that on Saturday, the highest ever single-day load of 718 MT LMO is on the run in different Oxygen Expresses trains. He also said that 41 tankers are on the run at the moment. The official said that 222 MT LMO is on the way for delivery to Uttar Pradesh, while another train with 180 MT LMO is headed towards Haryana. The spokesperson said that 54 Oxygen Express trains have completed their journey so far. It is the endeavour of the Railways to deliver as much LMO as possible in the shortest possible time to the requesting states, the official said. Till Saturday, 230 MT LMO has been offloaded in Maharashtra, 968 MT in Uttar Pradesh, 249 MT in Madhya Pradesh, 355 MT in Haryana, 123 MT in Telangana, 40 MT in Rajasthan and 1,427 MT in Delhi. /IANS


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