Pooja Banerjee: People feel actors only make Insta stories and aren't bothered


Mumbai, April 28 : "Kumkum Bhagya" actress Pooja Banerjee says she is grateful to be able to work in these tough times. She hopes people understand that actors, too, are going through pandemic stress like everyone else. "I feel blessed that I am able to work and entertain everyone during such a difficult time. Team Kumkum Bhagya wants to inspire people to be strong and resilient through the show. However, I must mention that people feel actors only shoot and make Insta stories and we aren't that bothered, but they forget we're humans and we have families too," she says. Pooja adds: "I have friends and family members who've tested positive, I do check up on them and help people find beds or medicines or anything else that they need. I just don't advertise it, but that doesn't mean I am not helping people. Whatever is happening around us, it does impact us too." The actress feels one should spread the message of positivity in a situation like this, on social media. "Personally, with everything that is happening in the world, social media has actually become overwhelming for me. Scrolling through several posts about the scenario of the country makes me anxious and I am trying to do my bit by helping out people in need by spreading positive messages. In difficult times like these, I really feel it is our duty to make everyone around us feel safe and secure and make them smile one way or the other and that's what I am trying to do as well," says Pooja, who plays Rhea Mehra in the popular Zee Tv show. /IANS


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