'Nadiyon paar' singer Rashmeet: Remakes if done beautifully, sound good

Nadiyon paar

By Samarth Goyal New Delhi, March 6 : Singer Rashmeet Kaur is on cloud nine following the success of her song, "Nadiyon paar", a recreation of the popular Shamur track "Let the music play" she recorded for the upcoming horror comedy "Roohi", starring Rajkummar Rao, Janhvi Kapoor and Varun Sharma. "You always expect a mixed reaction from the audience for a remake but I think this one is blasting everywhere and it's overwhelming to see the kind of response it's getting. (It is) trending at number one on YouTube ever since it released. I'm extremely grateful," she tells us. For the 26-year-old singer, remaking a classic isn't a bad idea, but aIf remakes are done beautifully with a different take or new sounds, then they can actually sound goodt the same time she "personally feels that there's so much talent out there that we don't have to make remakes". "Remaking folk and Sufi always works, depending on how good the remake sounds, because people want to hear different interpretations from their favourite artistes. It's just like covering a song, but with your style, your improvisations and swag in it. Those factors decide how good the response can be. If remakes are done beautifully with a different take or new sounds, then they can actually sound good," she continues. Rashmeet had no idea that she was going to record this song, until she went inside the recording studio, and it took her "around two hours" to record the entire song. "You only get to know about that after entering the studio. The moment I heard the track I was blown away," she says. So naturally, there were a few jitters when she was recording the song. "Nadiyon paar is a classic. Yes, it's always risky when it comes to remaking a song, but I'm so happy and grateful that I got to sing this classic as a remake and an authentic banger of a track," she signs off. /IANS


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