Multi-crore scam disclosed in Panchayat Samiti Kharar: Anuraag verma


Finance Commissioner Rural Development & Panchayat informed that a multi-crore scamhas been found under Panchayat Samiti Kharar and in this context, it is decided to suspend two BDPOs namely Jatinder Singh Dhillon & Malvinder Singh.

He said that a special audit of Panchayat Samiti was conducted after receiving a complaint about the fraud. Audit report disclosed that an amount of Rs. 22 lacs were transferred on 5.2.2016 to Gram Panchayat Majatri from BDPO Kharar, whereas the concerned Panchayat has never demanded for such grant and no estimate was prepared for demand for this grant moreover; no resolution for works was passed by gram Panchayat. Subsequent to this, on dt. 6.6.2016 the amount was transferred to Kaura Cement Store, Sanour. No work was carried out in the village even after passing of tenure of 1.5 years, hence the fraud of said amount was carried out. Similarly an amount of Rs. 25 lacs was issued to village Majat and Rs. 12 lacs were issued to village Todar Majra, which was immediately got transferred to kaura Cement Store, Sanour which is still not used against any development works in the concerned village.

Sh. Verma said that during the time period of 5.12.16 to 23.03.17, an amount of Rs. 60 lacs were transferred for the 7 villages namely Bathlana, Cholta Khurd, Kurdi, Siao, Gudana, Kurdi & village Malakpur. For this amount the resolution was neither passed by the concerned Panchayat nor by the Samiti. The main fact in this is that although the said amount was issued to 7 Gram Panchayats as per records but as per the Cash Book entry, the amount was issued to Gram Panchayats c/o Mukhvinder Singh and the amount was released by BDPO to contractor Mukhvinder Singh. Tender for work was never invited/ allotted to any firm before releasing the amount. Now, after inquiry it was found that the said contractor has not carried out any development work in any of the village even after the lapse of 8-9 months.


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