Helen Flanagan gets injured, can’t walk for a while

Los Angeles, Oct 13 : ‘Coronation Street’ actress Helen Flanagan has revealed that she won’t be able to walk at her sister’s wedding in the Lake District after she burnt her foot with a shisha pipe.

Daily Mail reported that the 29-year-old shared a picture of her foot wrapped in bandages on Instagram and wrote: “I’ve got to catch a flight in one hour and to cut a long story short, I’ve burnt my foot on a shisha.”

“Oh my God, I’m going to have to go on this plane in a bikini. I’m sobered up now, I’m eating a sandwich. I’ve got to be a bridesmaid for my sister and my foot is like this. Apparently I can’t walk on it. I’ve got to pack,” she further said.

Helen was vacationing in Dubai with fiance Scott Sinclair.


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