Class 12 students and their parents cry foul on CBSE for setting tough exam

DW BUREAU/Ludhiana

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Three hours of mental torture for students left them depressed and in tears after MondayÔÇÖs maths exam. ÔÇ£I donÔÇÖt know who had set the paper,but whoever it is, should keep in mind that question papers are not the place to exhibit his knowledge. Do they set the paper for a handful of students,ÔÇØ Aditi Banarjee posted on CBSE complaint website.

The students who have burnt the midnight oil and were hopeful to get a good a result were an aggrieved lot and parents were helpless as the examination of maths was termed to be toughest one for the students. On social media, people went after CBSE and condemned the administrators who set the toughest exam of math subject held on Monday.

Gulshan Kumar, one of the parents, claimed that his son Rohan was in tears when he saw the questions. He wondered whether 20 marks grace which are rumoured to be provided to every student according to rumours will be enough for children. Rajni Dhingra, a maths teacher from Ludhiana, claimed that students were disappointed after witnessing the question paper. She said that now it is a matter that will be decided by CBSE authorities to provide grace marks or to reschedule the exams.

Adita Tyagi complained, ÔÇ£ Maths paper was very lengthy. We students of general category have to score good marks in boards so that our JEE mains rank is not affected.ÔÇØ He said students of SC, ST, and OBC category have no tension. ÔÇ£We also go for coaching and tuitions and study for 10-12 hours daily,ÔÇØ he said, and hoped that CBSE will take care of interests of students.

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