Uncertainty over AMTZ head sends jitters to AP medical device makers

By Narendra Puppala New Delhi, Dec 14 : Its a controversy that the Jagan Mohan Reddy-led government could do without now, especially when investor confidence in Andhra Pradesh is taking a beating. Uncertainty continues to follow Jitendar Sharma’s reinstatement at the Andhra Tech Med Zone (AMTZ) by the state government on November 28. Sharma, roped […]

Brain protein that could protect against Alzheimer’s disease

Toronto, Dec 14 : Researchers have found that a protein that regulates white blood cells in the human brain could protect against Alzheimer’s disease. The results published in the journal Communications Biology suggest that this protein, called CD33, could have important implications in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease. “Immune cells in the brain, called microglia, […]

Kids in low income countries prescribed excess antibiotics

New York, Dec 14 : Kids in low and middle-income countries (LMICs) are receiving an excessive amount of antibiotic prescriptions that could harm the children’s ability to fight pathogens as well as increase antibiotic resistance worldwide, warns a new study. Children in these countries received 25 antibiotic prescriptions through age five – a “remarkable” estimate, […]

Why exercise won’t help most women suffering from migraine

London, Dec 13 : Despite doctors recommending regular aerobic exercise to prevent migraine, physical exercise can actually be a trigger of migraine attacks for most women because of “anxiety sensitivity” in them, find researchers. “Anxiety sensitivity” refers to one’s fear of experiencing anxiety arousal due to harmful physical, cognitive and socially-observable consequences, may be related […]