In Lebanon vote, activists face warlords, powerful political dynasties

By Ellen Francis BEIRUT, May 3 : An unlikely bunch of activists have joined forces for Lebanon’s general election in a rare challenge to the sectarian political dynasties and warlords they say left the country in ruins. A pharmacist, a women’s rights advocate, and a TV celebrity are part of a loose alliance striving for […]

Lebanese security agency turns smartphone into selfie spycam -researchers

By Eric AuchardFRANKFURT, Jan 18 : Lebanon’s intelligence service may have turned the smartphones of thousands of targeted individuals into cyber-spying machines in one of the first known examples of large-scale state hacking of phones rather than computers, researchers say. Lebanon’s General Directorate of General Security (GDGS) has run more than 10 campaigns since at […]

Major powers to push Saudis, Iran to stop interfering in Lebanon

By John Irish PARIS, Dec 8 : Major powers will try to shore up Lebanon’s stability on Friday by pushing Saudi Arabia and Iran to stop interfering in its politics, and urging Hezbollah to rein in its regional activities, diplomats said. Lebanon plunged into crisis on Nov. 4 when Saad al-Hariri resigned as prime minister […]

Lebanon’s PM Hariri shelves resignation, easing crisis

By Ellen Francis and Laila Bassam BEIRUT, Nov 22 : Lebanon’s Saad al-Hariri on Wednesday shelved his decision to resign as prime minister at the request of President Michel Aoun, easing a crisis that had deepened tensions in the Middle East. Hariri made his announcement after returning to Beirut for the first time since he […]

Lebanon’s Hezbollah denies sending weapons to Yemen

By Ellen Francis and Laila Bassam BEIRUT, Nov 20 : The leader of Lebanon’s Hezbollah said on Monday his Iran-backed group had not sent any weapons to Yemen and denied that it was behind the firing of a ballistic missile at Riyadh from Yemeni territory held by Tehran-allied Houthi forces. In a televised address, Sayyed […]