Lebanon’s PM-designate Hariri says he’s not seeking revenge for father’s murder

By Stephanie van den Berg THE HAGUE, Sept 11 : Lebanese Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri said on Tuesday he is not seeking revenge for the 2005 car bombing that killed his father, ex-premier Rafik Hariri, and that he would act to preserve stability in his country. He spoke as prosecutors presented closing arguments in the […]

Lebanon banks suck in dollars to maintain peg, but economy stagnates

By Lisa Barrington BEIRUT, Aug 16 : Lebanese banks are pulling out the stops to bring in dollars as the country strives to preserve a two-decade old currency peg, offering high returns to customers willing to change their hard currency into long-term Lebanese pound deposits. It is one sign of Lebanon’s determination to maintain monetary […]

Lebanon hits political logjam after election

By Tom Perry and Laila Bassam BEIRUT, Aug 3 : Lebanon faces a political impasse three months after an election produced a parliament tilted in favour of the Iran-backed Shi’ite group Hezbollah, with no sign of compromises needed to form a unity government. Negotiations have run into a knot of complications, notably how Prime Minister-designate […]

Lebanon must strike deal with Syria to use export crossing-minister

By Tom Perry and Laila Bassam BEIRUT, July 20 : Lebanon must seek a deal with Syria so Lebanese exporters can reach wider Middle East markets via the Syrian border with Jordan now that Damascus has recovered state control of that frontier, Lebanon’s caretaker economy minister said on Friday. Raed Khoury said it was vital […]

In Lebanon vote, activists face warlords, powerful political dynasties

By Ellen Francis BEIRUT, May 3 : An unlikely bunch of activists have joined forces for Lebanon’s general election in a rare challenge to the sectarian political dynasties and warlords they say left the country in ruins. A pharmacist, a women’s rights advocate, and a TV celebrity are part of a loose alliance striving for […]

Hundreds of refugees return to Syria from Lebanon

By Issam Abdallah SHEBAA, Lebanon, April 18 : Several hundred Syrians who have lived for years as refugees in Lebanon left for their home country on Wednesday in a rare case of a mass return of those who left the country since the Syrian civil war began in 2011. Nearly 500 people, including children and […]