The immortal songs of Neeraj

  Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad releases CD album of a collection of Gopaldas Neeraj’s songs, sung by top IPS officer Alok Raj. DS Bureau | New delhi It was a befitting tribute to the immortal songs penned by the late poet Neeraj. The occasion was release of the CD album of a collection […]

If China wins its war against the USA, the world Loses

By Kal K Korff The two largest economies in the world, by far, are now officially at war. Instead of missiles flying, trade tariffs and other forms of economic weaponry are being used. Do not be fooled, Communist China is also preparing for military conflict with the USA. Should China win, the rest of the […]

Modernisation of Chandigarh Int’l Airport hits ‘air pocket’

 Air Force authorities, AAI continue to differ on the issue of advanced landing system  Punjab Govt officers intevene, meeting next week in Delhi to resolve differences DW Bureau | Chandigarh The full-fledged operation of the Chandigarh International airport appears to have hit an ‘air pocket’, thanks to the internal administrative and technical wrangling between the […]

History and Activism of Pakistan’s Judiciary

  By R.K. Kaushik The 13th April, 2018 Judgement of the Supreme Court of Pakistan in which former Prime Minister Mohammad Nawaz Sharif was declared disqualified for life has again brought into focus the role of the judiciary in Pakistan. A few days later on 26th April 2018, the Foreign Minister Khwaja Mohammad Asif was […]