Capts bizarre claims are divorced from reality: SAD


Hitting out and ridiculing Punjab government for spending crores of rupees of the state exchequer on its media blitz spreading misinformation through its “Public Disinformation Department on its achievement, former ministers and senior Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) leaders Bikram Singh

Majithia and Daljit Singh Cheema said that most of the schemes highlighted are of the Union government and in fact, Amarinder Singh should thank prime minister Narender Modi for these schemes for the benefit of Punjabis rather than taking credit of these.

Talking to media persons here at the party headquarters, Cheema contested that Amarinder Singh had claimed to have fulfilled 141 of the 161 promises saying that he was not only befooling the people but also exposing party leadership to ridicule, including former PM Manmohan Singh whose picture adored the party manifesto. “I want to ask a pertinent question to Manmohan Singh if he condones these bizarre claims by his party men when he was present when it was released” said Cheeema.

Majithia said while Amarinder submitted a list of 141 promises fulfilled to Sonia Gandhii while his government mentions of only 21 achievements which speaks whom he is trying to misguide.

Rubbishing the claims of Amariner Singh, Cheema said that the NREGA, Sarbat Sehat Bima Yozna , submerging Ayushman Bharat in it, Housing to poor under PM Awas Yozna or toilets for the downtrodden etc are all Central government schemes and hence Punjab chief minister Amarinder Singh has contributed nothing to such programs.

Ever increasing farmer suicides in the state are a testimony that the farming community is in absolute distress and no relief promised by the Congress manifesto has pulled the peasantry of the state out of economic duress. The tall claims by Amarinder Singh by taking an oath on Gutka Sahib and promising that on coming to power the drugs would be eradicated within four weeks is total farce. Since the Congress leaders in the state themselves are facilitating the trade in drugs to the extent of providing home delivery, how could one think of drug free state, he asked”.

If the wild claims of Amarinder Singh are to be taken on face value, Majithia asked why are farmers ‘suicides on rise and unemployed youth too following then suit and taking to the extreme step of ending their live , why daily death of drug over doze are being reported or why all the sections including employees are agitating and ministers prefer to escape their wrath through backdoor instead of facing the people from the front.


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