Cherry-flavoured e-cigarettes more harmful to users

New York, Jan 31 : Users of cherry-flavoured e-cigarettes may be exposed to higher levels of potentially harmful respiratory chemical, reveals a new study. According to researchers, high levels of the respiratory irritant benzaldehyde were detected in the vapour from most of the flavoured nicotine products, with the highest concentrations in vapour from cherry-flavoured products. […]

13,000 unsafe school buses disqualified in China

Beijing, Jan 31 : School safety inspections in China disqualified 13,000 substandard school buses from service. The inspections, jointly organised by the ministries of education and public security and the State Administration of Work Safety, also removed 32,000 unlicensed drivers from the job of driving school buses, Xinhua cited official figures as saying. School bus […]

Same genes influence health, thinking skills

New York, Jan 31 : Is there any link between low levels of mental functioning and poor health? A study shows that the same genes which influence people’s health also shape how effectively they think. The scientists found that genes associated with diseases, including Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia and autism, also have an impact on some cognitive […]

‘Nannaku Prematho’ joins Rs.50 crore club

Chennai, Jan 31 : Actor Jr. NTR’s Telugu outing “Nannaku Prematho”, despite mixed reviews from critics and audiences alike, has managed to earn over Rs.50 crore in the worldwide ticket window in just two weeks. “We are really happy that the film has entered the Rs.50 crore club. It’s doing really well at the box-office, […]

I’m best suited as basketball commissioner: Obama

New Delhi, Jan 31 : He has less than a year left as the US president, but Barack Obama knows one job that he’d really want to take up later — that of a basketball commissioner. In an interview to GQ India magazine’s February 2016 edition, Obama was asked: “Baseball, football, basketball, all the commissioner […]