Israel foils assassination of Defense Minister

Tel Aviv, Feb 19 : Israeli security agency Shin Bet on Sunday said it thwarted a plot by Palestinian militants to carry out a bombing attack against Israel’s Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman. Six members of a Palestinian cell associated with the Islamic Jihad militant group were arrested “in recent weeks,” Xinhua quoted Shin Bet as […]

Samsung remains smartphone market leader at home turf

Seoul, Feb 19 : Samsung smartphones maintained their dominant market status late last year as Apple iPhones expanded their presence in South Korea, an industry report said on Monday. According to the report by industry tracker Strategy Analytics, the South Korean tech giant shipped 24 million units in the local market during the fourth quarter […]

Novel blood, urine tests may predict autism in kids

London, Feb 19 : In a first of its kind, scientists have developed novel tests that can indicate autism in children, a finding that could lead to earlier diagnosis of the developmental disorder that impairs the ability to communicate and interact. The new blood and urine tests searches for damage to proteins and could lead […]

Pyongyang accuses US of hampering relations with Seoul

Pyongyang, Feb 19 : North Korea on Monday accused the US of pressing to resume annual joint military drills with South Korea as soon as the Winter Olympics end and hampering the improved relations achieved in the past few weeks between Pyongyang and Seoul. Seoul and Washington had postponed their annual spring military drills, which […]

Now track Tesla Roadster in space

San Francisco, Feb 19 : An electrical engineer working in the aerospace industry has created a website to track Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s Roadster — the car tied to Falcon Heavy rocket by SpaceX — which is zooming through space. SpaceX fan Ben Pearson has created ‘Where is Roadster’ website that makes use of NASA’s […]

Quoting WhatsApp message renders ‘delete’ feature ineffective

San Francisco, Feb 19 : If someone has quoted your message on WhatsApp before you delete it, you will still be able to see that message — rendering the ‘Delete for Everyone’ feature ineffective, a media report said. Last year, WhatsApp rolled out this feature to allow its over one billion user base to revoke […]