Accuses CM of presenting false data on govt jobs, appropriating jobs given during private placement drives and also MGNREGA


The Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) today said chief minister Capt Amarinder Singh had proved that he was a bare faced liar by presenting false data on government jobs, fudging employment given under private placement drives and even including work given under MGNREGA to defend the lies uttered during the Delhi assembly election campaign.

In a statement here, senior SAD leaders Prof Prem Singh Chandumajra and Tota Singh said “we understand that lies come easily to someone who has even taken false oaths in the name of the Dasam Pita and the holy Gutka Sahib. However we would only like to state that however much the chief minister thinks otherwise, the people are not fools. They have seen through the CM’s web of deceit and he cannot whitewash the manner in which he has failed an entire generation by throwing false statistics at them”.

The SAD leaders said the party had only asked the chief minister to substantiate his claim to have given eleven lakh jobs. “He could have released a pdf file with the names of the eleven lakh youth along with the job given to them as well as the remuneration. Instead of doing this he has chosen to politicize a most sensitive issue by trying to bad mouth the opposition. Such behavior does not behove a chief minister”.

Exposing the mischievous claims of Capt Amarinder, the Akali leaders said practically no government job had been given by the Congress government in the last three years except for obligatory filling of some vacancies. Not one new job has been created. Not only this, the chief minister is trying to appropriate four lakh jobs which he claims have been given by private placement agencies. He has also compounded this crime against the youth of Punjab by appropriating 7.5 lakh jobs which he claims have been given by private companies like Uber and Zomato. We would only like to ask Capt Amarinder one thing. What is your contribution in this? The answer is nil”.

Prof Chandumajra and Tota Singh said they would also like to educate the chief minister about job creation in the last fifteen years. “As per official Punjab government records only 24,683 government jobs were given when you were chief minister from 2002-07. During the ten year tenure of the SAD-BJP government headed by S Parkash Singh Badal as many as 2,28,780 government jobs were given. The SAD-BJP government also facilitated creation of eight lakh new jobs during this period”.

The Akali leaders also asked the chief minister to think twice before accusing others of being ignorant about ground realities and not having a connect with the people. “This sounds more like ulta chor kotwal ko daante. Punjabis accuse the chief minister and not Sukhbir Singh Badal of keeping away from them and not visiting a single place in Punjab to ask about the grievances of the people in the last three years. Instead of rectifying this mistake you are manufacturing a new lie”.

Prof Chandumajra and Tota Singh said it was part of public record that the chief minister had admitted that he would not be able to fulfill his “Ghar Ghar Rozgar” promise during the current term. They said the CM had even asked for another five year term to fulfill the promises made to the people during a recent Youth Congress programme in Chandigarh


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