This young doctor from Canada wears his fatherÔÇÖs Lucknow school tie always

By Ajit Chak

He may not be very tall and neither are his parents but he is tall in stature and in vision. Angad Deengar is a young doctor from Canada getting married to Olga another young doctor from Canada who had come all the way to Lucknow to meet his fatherÔÇÖs friends and get engaged in their presence. He was extremely apologetic for the fact that he was not wearing his fatherÔÇÖs college tie.

Dad went to one of LucknowÔÇÖs most prestigious schools and the only school in the world to have military honours, none other than La Martiniere College Lucknow.

Rohit Deengar his father had the good fortune of studying in the school during the 1970s when it was and still is at its peak but he had the good fortune of studying under teachers like Mr Dignum, Frank and Elton DSouza, Michael Halge and scores of others like Charlie Gardener, Mr Mohan, Mr Agnihotri, Mr Ireland, Trevor and David Savaille and Benny Fernandez to name a few. There was Allan Baker and Nelson Maclure and Mr Bhist and Mr Yadav and Dr Shukla. It will be hard to get such a collection of erudite gentlemen again under one roof.

Among those present on the occasion to bless the couple and Angad in particular were his dadÔÇÖs classmates who formed quite a pack. There was Sanjay Demla and Amitabh Agarwal and Sanjiv Gupta and Rajneesh Chopra and Sudhanshu Rastogi and Sanjay Awasthi and the two boys from St Francis College Ami Ket Singh and Prabhakar Vardhan Singh and their lady wives. IAS officer Mukul Singhal despite his busy schedule had come and so also had lawyer Chandra Shekhar Sinha among others like Dr Sanjeev Hansraj one of LucknowÔÇÖs leading eye specialists. LucknowÔÇÖs distinguished officer and incharge of the Lucknow Jail Ambreesh Gaur was also there to bless the couple. So were petrol pump owner Rajat and Raman Batra. So were VIkram Narang and his wife who were grace personified. When in school Vikram Narang for biological reasons did not have a moustache but used to behave as if he did. He still maintains that stiff upper lip. Last to come in was businessman and IIT grad, Ajay Jain and his brother. Jain was an excellent hockey player too during his tenure in Mart.

What is it that inspired Angad Deengar to wear his fatherÔÇÖs school tie?

It has been lucky for me says Angad and he has worn it to every important occasion in his life. His regret was that he had forgotten to bring it to India for this very important function.

Lucknow has been a pleasant stopover for the young couple who had booked a hall in the cityÔÇÖs prestigious Mohammad Bagh Club for the evening so that they could meet all their friends once again and celebrate their good fortune.

It seemed only like yesterday that Rohit Deengar used to ride a bike to school wearing khaki knickers and a shirt with the famous blue and gold striped La Martiniere tie and his cloth school belt. It seemed like yesterday when Sanjay Dembla would wade into the lake in front of the college and try and catch the gold fish in it. He had come out screaming one day as the group had been chased by a water snake.

Maybe Angad Deengar will get to eat the famous La MartÔÇÖs Bun kebab and Bun tack with his father one day. Commenting on the state of education in Canada and India he said, that the Doctors in India are very good too and he was unfortunate that he could not meet Dr Rajiv Agarwal who was away in the USA for a professional tour.

However he raised a toast to La Martiniere and Lucknow and one thing is definite no matter where he stays and which country he lives in wherever Angad goes there will be a part of Lucknow and La Martiniere residing in that part of the world. The wedding is in Jamaica in November those interested may kindly update their passports.


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