Why Yogi should visit Ayodhya

By Ajit Chak: Now that Ayodhya has finally been put on the list of cities that are part of a package for a tourism push in the state ruled by Adityanath the Yogi should apply himself in Ayodhya and take a leaf from the work of Ramdev and seen if he can replicate that work in Ayodhya or hand over the work to Ramdev who has a proven track record in such matters.

Today Ramdev has made Patanjali a brand to be reckoned with and more people are using Patanjali Shaving Cream than any other brand today. Similarly the city of Lord Rama has a hoary past of ayurveda and other sciences and arts which need to be explored and their marketing potential fulfilled. The youth in that area need to be given jobs to stem migration to the NCR and other states and Ayodhya needs to be created as a self sustaining property that can generate its own income and the income of the state.

What is so special about Ayodhya is not its temples and its palmists and astrologers and others but the tremendous potential that is locked in this town and all of which is related to Lord Rama who is known not only in India but Ramleela is celebrated in several South East Asian Muslim nations as part of their ancient culture which predates the coming of Islam.

But Lord Rama had many aspects apart from being the apostle of peace and a great warrior. Lord Rama was a great Archer so can Yogi Adityanath ask the Central Government to set up a state of the Art Archery Academy in Ayodhya which would report to the Sports Federation and national level players could train here.

Similarly can a institute or factory of Ayurvedic Products relating to rejuvenation processes be set up in Ayodhya, if Ramdev can do it then can Adityanath also do it? Can the government also explore other methods to promote income both agricultural and non-agricultural so that the area becomes an example of how a modern city should emerge out an ancient town?

Lord Rama was also a Yoga exponent and along with Yoga his philosophy and way of life is also very important. The lesson of the Golden Deer must never be forgotten. It speaks of a lesson that misfortune awaits those who run after things that glitter like gold. The youth of the west who are deprived of such a way of life are waiting for such guidance. Can Ayodhya provide that connect?

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