Mob attacks man accused of blasphemy in northern Pakistan

By Gul Hammad Farooqi CHITRAL, Pakistan Apr 21 : A mob attacked a man accused of blasphemy during Friday prayers in a northern Pakistani town and injured six police officers after they intervened to rescue him, police said. It was the third blasphemy-related incident in Pakistan this month, after a student was beaten to death […]

Pakistan opposition vows protests to press PM to resign during investigation

By Syed Raza Hassan ISLAMABAD, Apr 21 : Pakistani opposition party lawmakers tore up the agenda and shouted in a parliament session today as they demanded that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif step down during an investigation into his finances. Opposition leader Imran Khan said he would lead protests demanding Sharif’s resignation, saying the prime minister […]

Pakistan’s top court rejects call to disqualify prime minister

By Syed Raza Hassan and Saad Sayeed ISLAMABAD, Apr 20 : Pakistan’s Supreme Court today ruled there was insufficient evidence to order Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s removal from office over corruption allegations levelled by the opposition, but it ordered further investigations. A verdict to dismiss Sharif would have left his party in power but would […]

Pakistani women kill man accused of blasphemy a decade ago – police

By Mubasher Bukhari ISLAMABAD, Apr 20 : Three women dressed in burqas killed a man who had been accused of blasphemy in 2004 in a northeastern Pakistani town, police said today, the second brutal killing over alleged insults to Islam in a week. Blasphemy is a highly charged topic in Pakistan where there have been […]

Pakistan hate speech investigation against clerics after student killed for alleged blasphemy

By Jibran Ahmed PESHAWAR, Pakistan, Apr 16 : Pakistani police opened a hate speech investigation involving two Muslim clerics today after the killing of a university student over allegations he committed blasphemy. The clerics are accused of attempting to disrupt the funeral of student Mashal Khan, who was beaten to death by fellow students after […]

Dorm debate led to death in Pakistan ‘blasphemy killing’ – witnesses

By Jibran Ahmed MARDAN, Pakistan, Apr 14 : The ransacked university hostel room of slain Pakistani student Mashal Khan has posters of Karl Marx and Che Guevara still hanging on the walls, along with scribbled quotes including one that reads: “Be curious, crazy and mad.” The day before, a heated debate over religion with fellow […]