Nepal government extends term of war crimes probes by one year

By Gopal Sharma KATHMANDU, Feb 10 : Nepal has extended the term of two panels investigating allegations of war crimes committed during the Himalayan nation’s decade-long civil war, saying more time was needed to probe the tens of thousands of complaints. The conflict between government forces and Maoist rebels ended in 2006. Seeking justice for […]

Nepal fails to deliver relief to quake survivors – rights group

By Gopal Sharma KATHMANDU, Jan 13 : Nearly two years since Nepal’s devastating earthquakes, millions of survivors languish in makeshift shelters as the government has failed to deliver billions of dollars pledged in aid for rebuilding, a human rights group said today. The comments from Human Rights Watch (HRW) came a day after Nepal sacked […]

Nepal names new quake reconstruction head, citing delays

By Gopal Sharma KATHMANDU, Jan 12 : Nepal fired the head of its earthquake reconstruction agency and named his predecessor to the job in a game of musical chairs that critics say is only making conditions worse for the survivors of the 2015 disaster. Thousands of homeless people remain in temporary shelters after the 2015 […]

Upheaval, blockade push Nepal’s trade deficit to new record

By Gopal Sharma KATHMANDU, Aug 29 : Nepal’s trade deficit grew to a record 6.5 billion dollars in the financial year to mid-July, an increase of 2 per cent, as political upheaval, a blockade of its border with India and the lack of industrial development all weighed on foreign trade. Exports fell by 17.8 per […]

Nepal’s new prime minister names core team, seeks reconciliation

By Gopal Sharma Kathmandu, Aug 4 : Nepal’s new Maoist Prime Minister Prachanda named a minority leader to the key position of home minister in his first appointments today, seeking reconciliation after months of protests by southern plains folk over a new constitution. The 61-year-old former rebel commander has vowed to tackle the grievances of […]

Nepal picks Maoist as PM, amid revolving-door politics

By Gopal Sharma KATHMANDU, Aug 3 : Nepal’s parliament today elected Prachanda, who led a decade-long insurgency that topped a feudal monarchy, as the Himalayan nation’s new prime minister, a week after K.P. Oli stepped down to avoid a no-confidence motion. Nepal has long been mired in political instability and Prachanda, 61, becomes its 24th […]