Chinese military veterans stage protests in central Beijing over pensions

By Philip Wen and Ben Blanchard BEIJING, Feb 23 : Chinese military veterans have demonstrated in central Beijing for two days, demanding unpaid retirement benefits in a new wave of protests highlighting the difficulty in managing demobilised troops. Hundreds of protesters, dressed in green and blue camouflage fatigues, gathered yesterday morning outside the Communist Party’s […]

Anti-Trump rallies crop up again on ‘Not My President’s Day’

By Chris Francescani and Robert Chiarito NEW YORK/CHICAGO, Feb 20 : Renewed protests against US President Donald Trump flared on the Presidents Day holiday today, with grassroots activists vowing to take to the streets in dozens of cities in “Not My President’s Day” rallies. Protest leaders had said they expected thousands to rally in about […]

US immigrants stay home from work to protest Trump policies

By Joseph Ax and Sharon Nunn NEW YORK/RALEIGH, N.C. Feb 16 : More than 100 restaurants and dozens of other businesses in cities around the United States shut their doors on Thursday to show support for “A Day Without Immigrants,” a walkout aimed at protesting President Donald Trump’s policies. Activists called on immigrants to stay […]

Protests call for US immigrants to stay home from work, school

By Joseph Ax and Liza Feria NEW YORK/WASHINGTON, Feb 16 : Activists are calling on immigrants to protest President Donald Trump’s tough stance on immigration by staying home from work or school today, not shopping and not eating out, in an effort to highlight the vital role they play in US society. “A Day Without […]

Seven Hong Kong policemen guilty of assault on pro-democracy activist

By Katy Wong HONG KONG, Feb 14 : A Hong Kong court found seven police officers guilty today of beating a handcuffed pro-democracy activist during demonstrations in 2014, a rare incident of police brutality in the financial hub that triggered public outrage. The 79 days of student-led protests paralysed parts of Hong Kong and posed […]

Thousands continue protests against government in Romania

By Luiza Ilie BUCHAREST, Feb 12 : Thousands of Romanians protested in Bucharest and other cities today against the Social Democrat government that tried to weaken a crackdown on corruption earlier this month. The one-month-old cabinet of Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu enraged voters when it quietly approved late on January 31 an emergency decree that […]