Earth Day-2017: Students, environmentalists, MNCs join chorus to save planet

New Delhi, April 22 : The 48th Earth Day celebrations on Saturday saw participation from school children in awareness drives, campaigns in social media, emotional appeals from MNCs and a request from Prime Minister Narendra Modi to keep the planet clean and green. While describing the Earth Day “a day of gratitude to mother earth”, […]

Snow leopard rescued and released in China

Beijing, April 22 : A snow leopard was rescued and released into the wild by a herdsman and police in China’s Xinjiang Uygur region, the media reported on Saturday. Aldalbek, the herdsman, informed the police after finding a leopard crouching beside his sheepfold in Qinghe county on April 15, Xinhua news agency reported. Police confirmed […]

‘Kasturi crisis’ will be resolved: Nepalese President

Bhubaneswar, April 21 : Nepal President Bidhya Devi Bhandari on Friday assured that she would take up the shortage of ‘kasturi’ (musk collected from a stag’s navel) with her country’s government. Kasturi, an aromatic substance, is an essential commodity used in rituals at the Puri Jagannath temple. It is used for the ‘Mukh Shringar’ of […]

‘Road accidents killing frogs, lizards’

Kolkata, April 21 : Wonder why you no longer hear frogs croak during the monsoon? Blame road-kills. While all wild animals may fall victim to road-kills, those that move slowly are the worst victims. On Earth Day, an expert has pointed out how some common reptiles and amphibians are falling prey to road accidents as […]

World’s largest rodent gives birth in British zoo

London, April 21 : A member of the world’s largest rodent species has given birth to a pup in a British zoo, officials have said. Lily, the six-year-old mom, delivered her playful capybara pup in front of amazed onlookers at Chester Zoo in northern England, Xinhua news agency quoted the zoo officials as saying on […]

Our ancestors had powerful night-time vision

New York, April 21 : New genetic evidence confirms a long-held hypothesis that our earliest mammalian ancestors indeed had powerful night-time vision. The findings published in the journal Scientific Reports suggests that adapting to life in the dark helped the early mammals find food and avoid reptilian predators that hunted by day. The research team […]