Trump takes on Russian Intelligence and the enemies within, in his speech

By Kal K Korff: The scene could not have been more surreal. If this pattern continues, the bizarre story and psycho soap operas that plagued the often circus like-Twilight Zone laden U.S. Presidential election of 2016 will seem like the norm instead of being uniquely bizarre.

Donald Trump, the incoming President of the United States of America on January 20, 2017, held his first live press conference amid incredible controversy started in no small part by the Cable News Network (CNN) who now stands disgraced for spreading yet more fake news.

Fake News

This one was a doozy. Months ago, during the campaign when Trump was running for President, a report was handed to the FBI who also shared it with the CIA, containing lurid details about Donald Trump allegedly romping with prostitutes in Russia and even sleeping in the same bed American President Barack Obama did, then engaged in kinky sex, as a way to ‘get even’ with Obama because he was so ‘jealous’ of him.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Yet this entire lurid description of what Trump supposedly did was indeed complete fiction, and very bad fiction at that, written to deceive the public and unquestionably harm Trump in the eyes of the world.

The report on this, supposedly supplied by ‘Russian intelligence,’ even though it was not created by them at all, was then given to a former British Intelligence agent, who was being paid by both Democrats and Republicans who were desperately trying to destroy Trump and prevent him from winning the White House.

The report ended up in the hands of Republican Senator John McCain, who greatly dislikes Trump, who then handed it over to the FBI. McCain, who famously ran for President and lost, has now admitted his role in helping spread this fake news.

CNN’s Latest Scandal

According to a poll conducted by Rasmussen Reports, CNN is now the least trusted source of news among the mainstream media in the United States. CNN, whose motto is “the most trusted news source,” is certainly not this in the eyes of most Americans and arguably, deservedly so.

It was bad enough that this network was, as a whole during the election, in the tank for Democrat Hillary Clinton, to the point that one of its correspondents, Donna Brazile, resigned in disgrace after she was busted on more than one occasion leaking questions ahead of time to Clinton’s campaign to give her an unfair advantage over her rival, Senator Bernie Sanders, in their debates.

The Democratic National Party was also in the tank for Hillary Clinton, despite lying to the public falsely claiming that they were “neutral.” Their corruption colluding with her, like Brazille’s collusion, was unmasked via WikiLeaks when emails were stolen from the Democratic Party likely by Russian intelligence.

While supporters of Clinton love to complain that they were ‘hacked,’ which is technically not true where it concerns the leaks of emails also made public by WikiLeaks from her Campaign Manager John Podesta, what these hypocrites ignore is the information that the world now knows about what really happened, versus what the lies are that the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton’s supporters, Hillary Clinton herself, her campaign and yes, even CNN have all said.

The public is always better off knowing the truth, even if it is painful, because what ultimately matters is historical integrity. Had these leaked documents never been released, history would never have been recorded correctly, and crooked politicians and corrupt ‘journalists’ acting as spies for Clinton would never have been unmasked.

So what did the Democratic Party do after Donna Brazille resigned in disgrace only because she was caught and exposed? Predictably, the Democratic Party immediately hired her as their interim leader, she replaced the also disgraced head of the Democratic Party, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, who was forced to resign because she was also exposed in the WikiLeaks documents.

Again, you can’t make this up.

Angry Americans

Most Americans are understandably very angry over what has happened since Trump won the election. In addition, beyond half the country wishing he had lost, who still oppose Trump (even when he is right), were happy to hear this bizarre report about alleged ‘sexual escapades’ in Russia.

CNN ran with the story, now they are paying the price for not bothering to do proper due diligence in their reporting. The same is true with Bezzfeed, who also now has been disgraced for trying to give this story any legitimacy.

Looking Presidential

As Trump gave his press conference, everyone wondered if he would hold his temper and appear to be ‘Presidential,’ or have a live meltdown in front of the world. Trump never came close to melting down, instead he hit numerous proverbial home runs.

Not only was he blunt and very refreshing in this regard, you can tell that he spoke with sincere conviction in what he said, and easily handled the questions put to him by reporters, even ones clearly designed to try to set him up for a fall.

In one of his remarks, he bluntly told to the media, “Does anyone really believe that Hillary would be tougher on Putin than me? Give me a break!”

Trump is right in this, Hillary has been a disaster where it concerns Putin, he has ‘owned’ her for every success he has had going up against Obama on the world’s stage when Hillary was Obama”s Secretary of State.

On other questions, Trump destroyed his critics by announcing that foreign guests who stay at Trump’s new hotel in Washington DC, since they will be paying money to stay there, that he would give this money to the U.S. Treasury.

Trump also singled out CNN and Buzfeed, saying they were a disgrace. One of CNN’s reporters protested, and got into a shouting match against Trump. Trump made short shrift of him and told him he would not allow them to ask a question because they were “fake news.”

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