Time to retrain UP Police

By Ajit Chak:┬áThe sudden spurt in crime in Yogi AdityanathÔÇÖs state and the anger of the CM and his orders to the police to curb crime might not produce the desired results. The reason for this is while the Uttar Pradesh police does not lack any desire on its part to control crime or reduce crime it has not been given the right training to do so.

The members of the police force today are operating on sheer instinct and most of them have little or no formal training in procedure and legal knowledge and other essentials that would help them put in preventive measures to tackle crime.

Any visitor who goes from Punjab to Uttar Pradesh to visit a relative ÔÇô as a lot of Punjabis have relatives and friends in that state see a big difference in the policemen of the two states. Not only is the level of physical fitness different there is a marked difference in the attire as well.

Absence of belts, proper footwear and even head gear is noticeable in Lucknow, all a part of the training that is given to policemen. Then there are other issues. For example policemen in Uttar Pradesh try and avoid wearing holsters which is an essential part of the uniform and the pistol or revolver is tucked into a belt or a plastic holster.

Cops on duty do not carry lathis in fact they carry mobiles and the women cops after joining the force try to get themselves posted into desk jobs like EOW for a 10.00-5.00 routine so gender sensitisation of the force goes for a six.

The Uttar Pradesh police force saw large scale recruitment in the police during the tenure of the Mulayam Singh Government, the Mayawati Government and later the Akhilesh Yadav government. In all cases this recruitment was beyond the training capacity of the police machinery in the state and the cops were therefore lodged in hostels and varsity campuses. Here rudimentary training was imparted to them by hastily arranged

seniors and they were soon ordered to join the force say senior police officials.

Even Yogi has to recruit an astronomical number of cops for the state but he must put training in order first and the best way to do so would be to recruit senior retired police officers like Anand Lal Bannerjee and Tilak Kak and even the present DG Sulkhan Singh when he retires to set up a training committee to find out what are the lacunae in training. For example the UP Police has discontinued the lathi drill. Why?

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