China President Xi welcomed in Senegal at start of Africa trip

By Tim Cocks Dakar, July 21 : China’s President Xi Jinping arrived in Senegal today for a two-day visit to sign bilateral deals, the first leg of an Africa tour at time when the continent is awash with cheap Chinese loans in exchange for minerals and construction contracts. China now does more trade with Africa […]

If China wins its war against the USA, the world Loses

By Kal K Korff The two largest economies in the world, by far, are now officially at war. Instead of missiles flying, trade tariffs and other forms of economic weaponry are being used. Do not be fooled, Communist China is also preparing for military conflict with the USA. Should China win, the rest of the […]

Xi warns Taiwan will face “punishment of history” for separatism

By Philip Wen BEIJING, Mar 20 : Chinese President Xi Jinping warned self-ruled Taiwan on Tuesday that it will face the “punishment of history” for any attempt at separatism, offering his strongest warning yet to the island claimed by China as its sacred territory. Taiwan is one of China’s most sensitive issues and a potentially […]

President Xi says China loves peace but won’t compromise on sovereignty

By Philip Wen and Ben Blanchard BEIJING, Aug 1 : China loves peace but will never compromise on defending its sovereignty, President Xi Jinping said today while marking 90 years since the founding of the People’s Liberation Army. China has rattled nerves around Asia and globally with its increasingly assertive stance in territorial disputes in […]

Xi confidant and rising Chinese political star promoted

By Adam Jourdan and Philip Wen SHANGHAI/BEIJING, Jul 15 : China today named rising political star Chen Miner as Communist Party boss in southwestern Chongqing, cementing his reputation as a favourite of President Xi Jinping ahead of a leadership reshuffle at a key party congress in the autumn. The elevation of Chen, a trusted confidant […]