Trudeau visits rescued elephants in UP

Mathura, Feb 18 : Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Sunday paid a visit to rescued elephants at a care centre run by animal welfare organisation Wildlife SOS in Uttar Pradesh’s Mathura and said that India’s wildlife needs protection. Trudeau who landed in Delhi on Saturday evening also visited the Taj Mahal with his family. […]

Pangolins being smuggled through ivory trade routes: Study

London, Feb 18 : Researchers have found that animal traffickers are taking advantage of remote ivory trade routes to smuggle pangolins or scaly anteaters — one of the world’s most endangered animals — out of Central Africa. The study, published in the African Journal of Ecology, also showed that the price for giant pangolins has […]

Six lions, 74 vultures poisoned to death in Tanzania

Dodoma, Feb 17 : Six lions and 74 vultures were found dead near a national park in southern Tanzania this week after they were poisoned to death, authorities. Permanent Secretary for Natural Resources and Tourism Gaudence Milanzi said on Friday the way the animals were killed suggested they had been poisoned by local herdsmen amid […]

British zoo’s painted dog puppies finally given African-inspired names

London, Feb 16 : Chester Zoo’s seven playful African painted dog puppies, who were born two months ago to mom K’mana, were given African-inspired names on Friday. The four females and three males were finally named by keepers after they established the gender mix of the litter, born just two months ago as the first […]

Poaching pushes anteaters to near extinction as environment ministry shuts its eye

By Kushagra Dixit New Delhi, Feb 16 : Though on the verge of extinction, pangolins or scaly anteaters — among the most traded animals in the world that has now found a local market in India — is yet to catch the attention of the Union government. With the Environment Ministry keeping its eyes shut […]

Minke whales in Antarctica feed like Pac-Man: Researchers

Sydney, Feb 16 : A small camera placed inside the body of a minke whale showed the animal feeding in a manner resembling the videogame character Pac-Man in the Antarctic waters, according to footage released on Friday. The video, which was part of a joint US-Australia project, revealed how this cetacean moved at 24 km […]