Karnataka government seizes 62 Uber two-wheeler taxis

By Sharon Thambala Bengaluru, March 11 : The Karnataka government on Friday seized 62 two-wheeler taxis belonging to app-based cab aggregator Uber for violating the Motor Vehicles Act and continuing to operate without requisite permission. “We have seized 62 Uber bikes (two-wheeler taxis, uberMOTO) today (Friday) for operating illegally. We will take stern action against […]

Chinese boy recovers eyesight after cornea transplant from pig

Beijing, March 11 : A Chinese teenager in Guangdong province has recovered his eyesight after receiving corneal transplant from a pig’s eye, the media reported on Friday. The operation was carried out in February at Guangzhou’s Zhongshan University, where doctors decided to extract the cornea — the protective transparent layer on top of the eye […]

When a comet flyby wreaked havoc around Mars

Washington, March 11 : When a historic comet struck Mars in October 2014, NASA switched off its Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution (MAVEN) spacecraft and other Mars orbiters to protect sensitive equipment aboard them from possible harm. But a few instruments, including MAVEN’s magnetometer, remained on, conducting observations from a front-row seat during the comet’s […]