Modi sees mobile desalination plant demo in Israel

Dor (Israel), July 6 : Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, accompanied by his Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu, on Thursday witnessed a demonstration of sea water purification at a mobile desalination plant here. “PMs view demo of tech pioneered by Israel for desalination of sea water and purification in disaster-hit and remote areas,” External Affairs Ministry […]

From India to Britain, massive ransomware attack creates havoc

New Delhi/London/Washington, May 13 : A day after a massive ransomeware attack hit nearly 100 countries, including India, terrifying details were slowly emerging on Saturday as computers from hospitals in Britain to police stations in Andhra Pradesh were hacked into, keeping cyber security experts on tenterhooks. In India, a section of computers at Andhra Pradesh’s […]

Trump makes special call to US astronaut Peggy Whitson

Washington, April 25 : US President Donald Trump made a special Earth-to-space call to congratulate NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson for her record-breaking stay aboard the International Space Station. “Today, Commander Whitson, you have broken the record for the most total time spent in space by an American astronaut, 534 days and counting,” Xinhua news agency […]

Trump stands by wiretapping claim during Merkel visit

Washington, March 18 : US President Donald Trump used a joint press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel to deflect criticism about his unsubstantiated claim that the Obama administration spied on him, reviving a sensitive diplomatic incident in which the US was revealed to have snooped on her cellphone. During the press conference on Friday […]