As support falls, German SPD sees “no Plan B” to Merkel coalition

By Paul Carrel BERLIN, Feb 17 : Support for Germany’s Social Democrats (SPD) hit a record low, a poll showed, and the party’s leader-in-waiting said she had “no Plan B” should members reject a coalition deal with Angela Merkel’s conservatives. The SPD’s 464,000 members vote in a postal ballot beginning on Feb. 20 on whether […]

German SPD leader invokes Europe to sell coalition deal with Merkel

By Ayhan Uyanik VILSHOFEN, Germany, Feb 14 : Germany’s Social Democrats (SPD) must seize the opportunity to reform the European Union in a new governing alliance with Chancellor Angela Merkel, the party’s interim leader said on Wednesday in appealing to members to back their coalition deal. The SPD’s 464,000 members vote in a postal ballot […]

Split Social Democrats could sink Merkel’s coalition plans

By Madeline Chambers BERLIN, Jan 16 : The leader of Germany’s Social Democrats (SPD) tried on Tuesday to quash a grassroots rebellion against a blueprint agreed with Angela Merkel’s conservatives to enter formal talks on a “grand coalition” which could scupper her plan for a fourth term. After five days of intensive talks, SPD leader […]

Merkel eyes social cohesion as she presses for new government

By Andrea Shalal BERLIN, Dec 31 : Conservative Chancellor Angela Merkel, under pressure after three months of failing to form a new ruling coalition, on Sunday vowed to address growing social divisions as she worked rapidly to build a stable German government. Merkel mapped out key priorities in her annual New Year’s address, including increased […]

Merkel to try to kickstart German coalition talks -media

By Andrea Shalal BERLIN, Oct 29 : – German Chancellor Angela Merkel was due to meet with possible coalition partners on Sunday to kickstart the process of forming a government after talks got off to a rocky start last week, media reported. Merkel, whose conservative alliance came first but lost seats in the Sept. 24 […]