Insulin can help treat chronic bowel inflammation

London, Sep 22 : Insulin, which plays a key role in managing blood sugar, also has potential against colitis — a chronic bowel inflammation, finds a study. The study, conducted on mice, showed that chronic bowel inflammation can be treated effectively by injecting insulin into the rectum. Insulin works because it activates a gene inside […]

New blood test in pregnancy to predict autism risk in babies

New York, Sep 22 : Researchers have developed a novel blood test for pregnant mothers that can, with nearly 90 per cent accuracy rate, predict the probability of having a child that will be diagnosed with autism. According to studies, if a mother has previously had a child with autism, the risk of having a […]

New genetic disorder identified in human patient

New York, Sep 22 : In a first, US researchers have identified a new genetic disorder, which was previously described in animal models, in a human patient. Researchers from the Michigan State University found that the disorder is caused by mutations in a gene known as ornithine decarboxylase 1 (ODC1). It is defined by a […]

Doctors should consider serving rural India: Venkaiah Naidu

New Delhi, Sep 21 : Vice President Venkaiah Naidu said on Friday that doctors and medical practitioners should consider serving in rural India as it had limited access to healthcare. “Despite several governmental initiatives, we have been unable to provide adequate healthcare facilities to our rural people, the farmers and their families who feed us. […]

First human oesophagus created in lab using stem cells

New York, Sep 21 : In a first, US scientists have used stem cells to grow human oesophagus — known as the food pipe — in the laboratory, an advance that will enable personalised disease diagnosis, regenerative therapies. A team from the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital in Ohio successfully generated fully formed human oesophageal organoids — […]

Mediterranean diet may lower stroke risk in middle-aged women

London, Sep 21 : Middle-aged women who follow a Mediterranean-style diet — rich in fruits, vegetables, grains, potatoes, olive oil, seeds, fish, low saturated fat, dairy products and red meat — may have a reduced risk of stroke, say researchers. The study shows that the diet may be especially protective in women over the age […]