40 chained mentally ill patients rescued in Madhya Pradesh

Bhopal, June 25 : At least 40 mentally ill patients, kept bound in chains, have been rescued from hotels and lodges in Madhya Pradesh’s Ratlam district, police said on Sunday. The mentally ill patients were ostensibly brought to the Hussain Tekri shrine in the district by their relatives seeking a cure. “There is a shrine […]

Medicos exhibit their passion for the lens

Kolkata, June 25 : A cheetah pouncing on an antelope in the wilds of Africa, or two tigers displaying their fondness for each other in a National Park in India – these are among a series of rare moments frozen with the camera by some renowned medicos struck by wanderlust that adorn an exhibition here. […]

Mother tweets child’s surgery bill to slam Trumpcare

Washington, June 25 : Highlighting the potential flaws in the new healthcare plan of President Donald Trump, a mother in the US has put a series of posts on Twitter, explaining the costs and complications involved in her son’s rare medical condition, the media reported on Sunday. According to Ali Ranger, her son’s case is […]

Binge drinking, cocaine abuse may impair mental skills

New York, June 25 : Do you have the habit of taking four or more alcohol drinks a day or indulging in drug abuse such as cocaine? Beware, it may lead to impairments in mental skills such as decision-making and planning, researchers have warned. The study showed that the frequency of binge drinking and use […]