Film at Berlin fest examines how Islamic State jihadists recruit European brides

By Michelle Martin BERLIN, Feb 18 : A movie at the Berlin film festival that looks at how Islamic State fighters recruit young European women online highlights the dangers of using the internet, the actress in the starring role told Reuters. In the film “Profile”, British journalist Amy Whittaker goes undercover to investigate the workings […]

Netanyahu says Israel could act against Iran’s “empire”

By Robin Emmott and Thomas Escritt MUNICH, Feb 18 : Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday that Israel would act against Iran, not just its allies in the Middle East, if needed, reiterating his country’s position that Tehran was the world’s greatest threat. As tensions increase in the Middle East over Iran’s role in […]

As support falls, German SPD sees “no Plan B” to Merkel coalition

By Paul Carrel BERLIN, Feb 17 : Support for Germany’s Social Democrats (SPD) hit a record low, a poll showed, and the party’s leader-in-waiting said she had “no Plan B” should members reject a coalition deal with Angela Merkel’s conservatives. The SPD’s 464,000 members vote in a postal ballot beginning on Feb. 20 on whether […]

Turkey indicts journalist Yucel, decides to free him pending trial -agency

By Daren Butler and Michael Nienaber ISTANBUL/BERLIN, Feb 16 : German-Turkish journalist Deniz Yucel, who was detained in Turkey a year ago, has been indicted for alleged security offences but a court has decided to release him pending trial, state-run Turkish news agency Anadolu said on Friday. Die Welt, the German newspaper for which he […]

German SPD leader invokes Europe to sell coalition deal with Merkel

By Ayhan Uyanik VILSHOFEN, Germany, Feb 14 : Germany’s Social Democrats (SPD) must seize the opportunity to reform the European Union in a new governing alliance with Chancellor Angela Merkel, the party’s interim leader said on Wednesday in appealing to members to back their coalition deal. The SPD’s 464,000 members vote in a postal ballot […]