Seema Yadav: A Marathon Force To Reckon With

Kartik Sarin | Chandigarh

The countdown has begun. With less than two weeks left for the biggest running event in the region, The Daily World Marathon 2018, we caught up with one of the marathon ambassadors Dr. Seema Yadav, who was in city to promote the Daily World Marathon and cheer up the enthusiastic runners. A doctor, a yogini, a fitness enthusiast and a mom, Seema is a perfect example of women taking over the running scene by storm. Her personal best of half marathon is 1:35 and of full marathon is 3:31. Seema also qualified for the Boston Marathon which is one of the most prestigious marathons and one of the most difficult races to get into.

“Seema Yadav is a simple, homely female who finds joy in small things,” says Seema when asked who is the real Seema Born and raised in Mumbai and now living her dream in Faridabad, the young mother of a five year old has been smashing her personal bests ever since she took up running in 2016. “I had only run once before. I remember I was in 7th grade and had to run three short distances of which maximum was 800 meters.” It wasn’t until 2016 when Seema decided to put running in her bucket list and give the ever-so-popular global phenomena a chance. “After I saw my friends take up running, I too joined the bandwagon.”

Having set an impressive 2:02:36 in her maiden half-marathon, Seema’s friends showed more confidence in her abilities than herself. “I used to wonder why others were so happy about my timings. I was simply happy that I could complete 21 km. But they made me realize that I was a good runner.” Seema hasn’t looked back ever since as her timings kept tumbling down.

Considered one of the fastest amateur runners in the country, Seema owes her success in running to her structured training. “ Vishesh Prakash and Col. Arun Malik from the West Delhi Runners Group helped me by adding method to my madness, which during my first runs didn’t exist. I now run only three days a week with each day dedicated to a different type of running workout: short interval runs, mid-distance tempo runs and a day of running long.”

Running is a grueling sport. Without proper footwear and a training plan, it’s easy to get off-track. “A lot of beginners don’t include a warm-up routine before their run and some basic stretching after their runs. Some become victims of going too hard too soon. You have to be patient and consistent in your training to become a strong distance runner”, advises Seema. And when it comes to nutrition, Seema believes in wholesome, home-cooked & healthy food over any other fad. “Junk is a complete no for me. I don’t eat anything special and my normal meals are a typical Indian diet: of dal-chawal, roti & sabzi. From nutritional point of view, your diet should be well-balanced.

As for the future, Seema hopes to continue to do better than her previous personal bests. Talking about the Daily World Marathon, Seema is visibly excited. “There are very few quality full-marathons in our country. And it gives me immense pleasure to be appointed as the ambassador for the Daily World Marathon.” Inviting everyone to participate, Seema sends across her message. “Everyone should participate to improve their health as I truly believe that health is true wealth. And those looking to improve, discipline is the key to success”.

Seema would be returning to Chandigarh to grace the Daily World Marathon on 8th April to motivate and cheer for the runners.


Seema Yadav’s Running Highlights

Millenium City Marathon 2016 (Gold)

Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2016 (Bronze)

Six Hour Stadium Run 2016 (Gold)

IDBI New Delhi Marathon 2017(Gold)

Potpourri 10 2017 (Gold)

Airtel Delhi Half Marathon (Silver)

TATA Mumbai Full Marathon 2018 (Silver)

Personal Bests

10 km – 43min:56s

21 km – 1h:35min:02ms

42 km – 3h:31min

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