Return of the dragon

The premier of communist China Xi Jinping has won his second term, but his vision for China and his plans could be only about creating a totalitarian state which has only one ambition to be a military super power.

By Kal K Korff

He is the stuff that Hollywood movie legends and improbable historical tales of riches-to-rags then back-to-riches stories are made from. As the newly re-affirmed all powerful leader of Communist China, Xi Jinping looks to irreversibly cement his long march to and now hold his unprecedented grip on power as he moves to flex ever more Chinese ‘muscle’ around the world.

Privileged, Elitest Origins
Born on June 5, 1953 in the capital city of Beijing, Xi Jinping grew up with a silver chopstick in his mouth. Born into privilege, his father was a ‘Big Boss’ in the Communist Party during Chairman Mao’s regime. He held various positions raging from Propaganda Chief to Vice-Chairman of National People’s Congress.

Mao’s regime, however, like all Communist ones throughout history and in other forms of dictatorship, was a rather fickle one.

One day you were a “Hero of the Socialist Order,” the next day you could be labeled as being a “traitor” or “dog” or “Capitalist spy,” worthy of only the most excruciating forms of torture and death. An “Enemy of the People.”

When Xi Jinping’s father fell from grace by opportunists running rabid during Mao’s failed “Cultural Revolution,” he was arrested and sentenced to prison. Young Xi, then age 10, was forcibly relocated to the countryside, ordered to work as a peasant on the farms in Shaanxi.

Xi Jinping to this day, claims that these years he spent as a laborer and later regional manager, forever changed him. In a rare moment of candor, he has long admitted that Mao’s version of Communism had, as he put it, proved to be “an illusion.”

By all accounts, Jinping was steely focused and determined to rise within the Communist Party’s cronyist ranks, to not suffer the fate of his father. He was not welcome at first, because of the state of his now ‘disgraced’ father, but once again thanks to the fickleness and fecklessness of Communism, events would swing back in Jinping’s favor. He never looked back after his father was (in keeping with typical Communist tradition) later “rehabilitated” and was magically transformed into no longer being the “scourge of the People.”

Translation: The Communist regime of Chairman Mao blew it with both lips, we’re sorry Comrade; just forget this ever happened, what can we do for you now as a loyal Revolutionary Patriot?

Xi’s Long March
Xi Jinping was determined to no longer work for the Communist Party, but to make sure that the Communist Party worked for him, using the cover of “The Chinese People” or China as a nation, to sell his facade to the world.

Officially joining the Communist Youth League in 1971 and making a name for himself, by 1974 he formally joined the Communist Party. Earning a quick reputation as a “fixer” who could “solve problems,” even if it meant liquidating obstacles and opponents, he was placed in charge of several providences and even eventually the city of Shanghai, who lost its “Party Boss” because he got busted for being a key player in a fraudulent social security scam. After he ‘stabilized’ affairs in Shanghai, Xi Jinping was appointed within the timespan of under a year, to the all important center of power that really controls Communist China, the Politburo, in 2007.

By this time, any analyst covering Chinese affairs could easily see that Jinping was its rising red star. He not only quickly became Vice-President, but made a point to travel the world as a ‘goodwill Ambassador’ for China, stressing words that everyone wanted to hear: “peace” and “economic prosperity.”

Xi, a keen student of Communist propaganda doctrine, after all his father as the former Propaganda Chief was an excellent teacher, still today uses a stream of deceptively and outright misleading vernacular that when taken at face value, conveys just the opposite of what he really means.

Nowhere else in recent memory, during his excruciatingly long nearly four hour speech, were his verbal deceptions more on display for the world to see, and worse, deliberately ignore, as he laid out his “vision” for China.

For when Xi Jinping spoke of a “beautiful China,” he wasn’t referring to his country eventually becoming truly free and democratic. In fact Xi specifically warned in his marathon monologue, that China has no interest in aping how western nations operate. Translation: he has no interest in a system that is free and democratic and is by this very dynamic, a threat to his power. Instead, Jinping prefers everything exactly the way things are, with him as China’s dictator.

Military Moves
Under Xi Jinping’s “vision” for China, it must militarily invade and take over the “rogue province” of Taiwan and “re-unify” it with mainland Communist China. Called the 2020 Plan, Jinping has openly said that he supports it. Whether the world ‘agrees’ or not, is irrelevant to him.

The short version of China’s 2020 Plan is to unilaterally invade Taiwan after a series of political and economic destabilizing acts are unleashed against it. China has already started these antics, especially under Jinping.

China’s military plans to fire some 1,000 missiles at Taiwan while launching an immediate amphibious and naval attack while storming the beaches in at least 16 different locations across the island. In all, as many as 500,000 military personnel may be involved.

Using its air force, submarines and ships, China will throw everything it has against Taiwan, seeking to execute a German style “Blitzkrieg” quick strike to overwhelm the island and any forces allied against it. Once captured, China would extend its “protection” to Taiwan and effectively weaken and isolate its rival Japan, and of course break the United States’ ability to defend Taiwan in a needed, timely manner.

China has been preparing its groundwork to invade Taiwan by upgrading its military across most of its levels, especially its naval, missile and air assets, by artificially constructing islands and then making bogus and illegal claims that this new “territory” has always been part of “Sovereign China.”

The year 2020 is not that far away. Unfortunately, the world isn’t doing anything to stop China where it concerns this issue, although it could by simply calling the Chinese on it or boycotting them economically.

This will never happen, because China is “too useful” for too many world leaders. China under Xi Jinping especially, is increasingly making this a cold reality.

Xi Jinping admits that the fall of the former Soviet Union forever changed him. He was determined that China “move forward” by combining totalitarianism with strictly controlled Capitalism. Communist China really isn’t true ‘Communist,’ it is instead, totalitarian capitalist.

Businesses and governments who “do business” with companies in China, too often forget (or just don’t care) that when they sign that contract and cut that check or pay untraceable cash for that transaction for services rendered with China, that they are in fact helping fund and fuel the further global conquest ambitions of the Chinese Communist Party. There is no such thing as genuine nor ‘pure private enterprise’ in China.

China views India as an threat to its current existence. Any claim to the contrary, is pure bullschlachen. While India is the world’s largest democracy, this fact doesn’t ‘scare’ China as much as people think.

Instead, China is concerned about one thing in India: babies. Unlike China, whose elderly population is rapidly growing and the costs to feed, house and care for it will only increase, India has the largest and fastest growing number of ‘young people,’ this is individuals who are under the age of 30.

Indian babies concern the Communists in China because in India, people can (and arguably too often do) have as many children as they wish. For decades, standing in contrast to this was China, it had a strict totalitarian imposed one child policy and only recently abandoned it, (not coincidentally), now that India will soon surpass China in total population.

Babies are the life blood of the human race. Without enough people to make the right things happen, no nation can succeed.

As China gets bumped down to being number two, over time India’s economy will surpass it, even one day India economically will outpace the United States. This dynamic will leave China locked in a race for second place against the USA, even though America’s population is more than one billion fewer people.

China “worries” over India for economic reasons, and since Xi Jinping and his corrupt Party Comrades love to make money, of course they are concerned.

China is actively working to neutralize India by using its sock puppet troublesome neighbor, the country of Pakistan, to do its dirty work for it. Pakistan, who can’t beat India in a straight up military confrontation nor can it afford to fight a nuclear war, is happy to have China come to its rescue.

Pakistan is taking all of the money and ‘help’ China is busy giving it, China is Pakistan’s largest foreign investor, by far. It is singlehandedly upgrading Pakistan’s ports, military bases, weaponry, nuclear power industry, nuclear weapons, national highways and entire transportation corridors, building massive roads and railroads that ship goods from all over the country straight to Beijing and other Chinese cities.

Should war ever break out between India and China, China can use Pakistan to open up a second front or tie down Indian resources and forces. The same is true with North Korea, where China secretly arms this nation, while also clandestinely helping it develop nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles to reign down warheads on the USA if necessary.

Not coincidentally, China will have its key objectives met by 2020, just in time to invade Taiwan.


Beyond Obvious
China’s strategy to become the world’s only superpower is not hard to understand. In fact its ‘grand plan’ is about as transparent and obvious as any opponent might prefer. This is why the rest of the world, which means other than China, has no excuse for the unquestionably immoral state of affairs that currently exists and rumbles on as the traditional status quo.

Like all Communist regimes, China does not value human rights. This fact doesn’t bother most of the world, nor does it bother most of the people reading this.

Communist China does not believe in basic universal rights such as genuine free speech, freedom of religion, genuine democracy, it doesn’t allow more than one political party; it won’t let its own people directly vote for their leaders. It hates genuine free trade, manipulates its currency, censors the Internet, puts online bloggers in prison, arrests and murders its opponents. The fact it commits all of these crimes and many more, is nothing new.

The fact it holds the levels of power that it does today to use and misuse technology and its economy to bully other countries and destroy its opponents, is something that is new. Put another way, Communist China has never had it so “easy” as it now does today.

The world must act now to stop China from becoming a war-minded, belligerent superpower, for this is the true nature of the “Beautiful China” that Xi Jinping sees.

Many words have more than one meaning. For Xi Jinping, his words do not mean the “peaceful China” the world’s mainstream media and its liberal apologists depict.


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