RajnathÔÇÖs sankalp for a new bharat

By Ajit Chak

The NDA government has a new vision for India and the Union Home Minister and Lucknow Lok Sabha MP Rajnath Singh was very articulate when he laid out his vision for the new Bharat that the BJP plans to bring about in 2022. The second term of the NDA government. So while Rajnath and several others attending a seminar on Sankalp and Siddhi is the state capital of Uttar Pradesh took a sankalp to create new Bharat where terrorism, corruption and disharmony do not exist there is a very vital issue that needs to be pointed out.
The government which was brought to power on the agenda of ending these issues which the nation is facing today has been steadily pursuing an agenda to rid the country of them. However it is strapped by a burden of the past and will need to shed that burden to move ahead at the pace the people of the nation want it to move ahead at.
People namely those who have voted for the NDA have very high expectations from both Rajnath Singh and Narendra Modi and even Amit Shah.
When Amit Shah talks about winning 350 seats in 1919 for the next Lok Sabha he is not alone in this vision and the average voter of the BJP wants him to accomplish this at all costs. So while Amit Shah may have set a target for himself he is not the only one wanting this to happen. Pressure therefore will mount on him from the public to deliver what he has promised.
Similarly when Rajnath Singh raised the issues of terrorism, militancy and corruption in Uttar Pradesh he is not the only one wanting to see them eradicated.
The nation today agrees with Prime Minister NarendraModi today that the way to solve the crisis in Kashmir is not through the gun but by involving the Kashmiri in the process and embracing them with the love and opportunities mainstream economy and nationalism can offer them. Everybody agrees that jobs and development are vital for Kashmir and that involves the rest of India too.
At present there is a recession the nation, the real estate engine which drove the economy during the UPA regime seems to have collapsed due to over creation of inventory and infrastructure in the wrong segments. Jobs are scarce and even the flagship of the previous governmentsÔÇÖ economy the IT industry is facing problems due to jumps in technology and curbs on jobs and work in foreign climes.
For Rajnath Singh there are issues that he has to deal with at two levels. Needless to say that the Union Home Minister is too big to deal with issues at a micro level nevertheless the MP from Lucknow has issues to deal with in Uttar Pradesh.
As the Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh has to deal with the issue of terrorism in the nation, however as long as the finance channels are open for terrorists in the world there will be a Barcelona in India and in Spain and in France and in Germany.
International finance of terrorism cannot be wished away and will only go when those who sell petrol in the world stop financing jihad. The other way to deal with it would be for a like-minded nations of the world to create an international task force to hunt down terrorists globally — which does not have anything to do with the failed United Nations Organisation, which today is neither United nor a composite organisation capable of combating terror as some of its member states house terrorists and train and fund them.
There are also totalitarian states which are military industrial complexes today and an economic superpower where human rights and democracy does not exist and national sentiments are trampled upon for the greater military industrial empire. These nations also fund terror so that they can keep their neighbours destabilised. It will take more than just an America and a Japan to recognise this threat and try and take steps to neutralise it.
While India is doing all that it can at the macro level for Rajnath Singh a lot needs to be done at the micro level. His home town Lucknow may have become a Smart City but it is only last week that the LucknowMunicipal Corporation has decided to ban polythene bags and raids are being carried out for the same purpose.
In this smart city where teenagers ride motorcycles without helmets, and where the government talks about providing cheap and quality education the same LMC is imposing huge water bills on schools knowing full well that the schools will have no option but to bill the parents.
Then there is another agenda that the BJP MP needs to work upon and that is job creation for his constituency. Lucknow as a city has virtually no industry even though the TATA bus and Sumo were once made here. The previous Akhilesh Yadav government could not find land to set up power plants in the state but could gobble up 312 km for a expressway that was not required from Agra to Lucknow. So how does one set up industry to create jobs in a power starved state?


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