Railway to shift air pollution from Raxual to Ramgarhwa- By Vijay Shrivastava

By Vijay Shrivastava/Ramgarhwa (Raxaul):  The railway which has a depot and rack point for dumping material like coal, cement and clinker which is a raw material for cement which is then shipped to Nepal at Raxaul Railway Station is now planning to shift the rack point to village Ramgarhwa because it is 12 kilometers from the site and has a very good Railway Station.

According to sources in the Railways the decision to shift the rack point to Ramgarhwa has been taken as traffic has been increasing on the Raxual Railway Station. However local residents are up in arms at the Railways decision. They say that the rack point is a source of major air pollution and the residents of Raxaul had been protesting against the rack point for several years.

Since the material involved is coal, cement and clinker enroute to Nepal it leads to air pollution by increasing the suspended particulate matter in the ambient air, say environmental experts. This can lead to lung related infections in the individuals who live near the area, they add.

Now the residents of Ramgarhwa will face a similar fate if the rack point is shifted from Raxual to Ramgarhwa says Chowdhary the principal of the Ramgarhwa High School.

In view of the fact that several people reside in the area of Ramgarhwa railway station and it is densely populated Chowdhary says that the Rack Point should be shifted to Masladih Railway Station which is half way between Raxaul and Ramgarhwa and where there is hardly any population. This way the Railway will be able to shift the rack point and the people of Ramgarhwa will not be inconvenienced, says Chowdhary.


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