Punjab Information Commission declares university as public authority

DW BUREAU / chandigarh

Holding that an institution that was substantially financed by the government came under the definition of ‘+ char(39) +’public authority’+ char(39) +’, the Punjab State Information Commission on Monday declared Thapar University at Patiala a public authority and directed varsity authorities to provide information to an appellant.

Disposing off a appeal filed by Panchkula resident Bindu Bhardwaj, a bench of Chief Information Commissioner S.S. Channy and State Information Commissioner Yashvir Mahajan, ordered that Thapar University fell under the definition of public authority.

The appellant had pointed out that the Public Information Officer of Thapar University Patiala was not providing information under RTI (Right to Information) Act on the pretext that they are not a public authority.

“After reviewing the documents, the commission said Thapar University has been established with the efforts of the state government and was substantially financed by funds provided directly in the shape of recurring and non-recurring grant to an extent of 95 per cent and 75 per cent of non-plan and plan expenditures respectively and indirectly by providing 250 acres of free land which was acquired at the public expense,” the commission spokesman said, quoting the


A leading technical institution, Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology was established by the government in 1955 after entering into an agreement with the Mohini Thapar Charitable Trust to promote technical education in the state. The institution was later upgraded to be a university.


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