Private practice and malpractices

By Ajit Chak: The principal of a medical college has been caught seeing patients at home and indulging in private practice, and there are screaming headlines in the Punjab media to this effect in most newspapers today. However private practice and the desire to make money on the side are a common problem and every government official who gets a chance to make money on the side does so in the hope of becoming super rich. In the process they destroy their careers, their reputation and in some cases their lives.

However unlike Punjab, there is Uttar Pradesh where those who have made money through the wrong means are highly respected members of society today.
While the doctor concerned was not the principal of the medical college in Lucknow he was definitely the head of the department of pathology and set up a pathology lab of his own in his official residence in the bathroom. The machine that was used to perform basic tests in the lab at the medical college had broken down and was never repaired and from all over Lucknow doctors began to send patients to him to get their tests done in his bathroom lab. Today the good doctors family owns the top level pathologies in several posh colonies of Lucknow.
Then there was a famous school called Municipal Nursery School in Lucknow and it is situated next to the UP Housing Board office in the city. The school was adjudged as one of the best schools in Asia by the London Times. When the incumbent principal retired it was taken over by a Punjabi lady who first introduced the system of having a uniform in a nursery school in Lucknow. Today the Yogi government is cracking down on such practices. However the lady went a step further and even before she retired she had built her own school and set up an establishment where parents could take their children for admission in her residence in one of LucknowÔÇÖs poshest colonies and next to the most famous pathology of the day which also moved to the same colony.
Today after years and decades of corruption at all levels, there are times when the chief minister of the state is even forced to pick up the broom to clean up the mess in his state. Punjab is fortunate that way as the rot is not so deep and there is a desire to work and serve the nation and the state in the masses. There is still time to stem the rot.


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