PoK ‘Prime Minister’ leaves for UK to organise protests against Modi in London


Prime Minster of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir(PoK) Raja Farooq Haider Khan has left for the UK to organise protests against Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi who will be in London on 18 April to attend Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting(CHOGM).

Khan has synced his departure with PM Modi left for Swedan today and from there he will fly to the UK on 18 April, according to reports. Modi wil be in London on invitation of British Prime Minister Theresa May.

diaspora has organised a number of events for special welcome of Indian PM. On the other hand, Khan will join Pakistani-origin British MP Lord Nazir Ahmed to bring together Kashmiri separatists and Khalistani elements to hold citywide protests against what they term as “Indian atrocities” in Kashmir and on minorities.

separatist groups have hired open roof-top city tour buses that will go around the city filled with anti-India elements who will release balloons and display banner depicting ‘Indian atrocities.’ Joining them, Khalistani separatists are expected to raise their demand of release of UK-based Jagtar Singh Johal who was arrested by Punjab Police in connection will targeted killing of Brig(Retd) Jagdish Gagneja , RSS leader Ravinder Gosain and Christian pastor Sultan Masih in Punjab with alleged intent to trigger communal clashes.

Nazir has been regularly rallying anti-India Kashmir protests at India House, but on 26 Janaury, the Republic Day, his protests were confronted by strong counter-protests by pro-India groups. A Kashmiri protester quoted as saying,”I am here today to tell Lord Nazir that they are asking for independence for my state of Jammu & Kashmir but I want freedom from Pakistan sponsored terrorism, ceasefire violations, and their proxy war.”

with the India’s response, Indian Minister of State for Home Affairs said,”[He] salutes to the Indian patriots in London. The minuscule fringe elements can’t dent the spirit of India. We are all one from Arunachal Pradesh to Jammu & Kashmir, Nagaland to Rann of Kutch, Kanyakumari to Punjab.”

Nazir has been earlier suspended from his Labour Party following his remarks that Jewish conspiracy was responsible for sending him to jail in an accident case in 2013.  He was suspended earlier also in April 2012 also after he offered  10 million pounds for the capture of US Presidents Barack Obama and George W Bush.


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