PETA US praises ‘Blade Runner 2049’ costume designer

Los Angeles, Oct 11 : PETA US sent a box of sheep-shaped vegan chocolates to “Blade Runner 2049” costume designer Renee April for using faux shearling on its lead actor Ryan Gosling’s knee-length coat.

April used laminated painted cotton to make the Hollywood actor’s knee-length shearling-look coat, which is why the animal rights organisation People for Ethical Treatment of Animals has given a thumbs up to her and the film’s team.

“Video footage taken in major wool-producing countries shows that sheep are commonly kicked, punched and stomped on in the wool industry, which slaughters young sheep to turn their skin into shearling coats,” PETA Associate Director of Celebrity and Public Relations Sachin Bangera said in a statement.

“Vegan is the future of fashion, and PETA US is recognizing Ren├â┬®e April and ‘Blade Runner 2049’ for showing how chic – and kind – that future is.”

“Blade Runner 2049”, directed by Denis Villeneuve, also stars Harrison Ford and Ana de Armas.


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