PakÔÇÖs tail visible in Kashmir

By Ajit Chak: Violations along the LoC and firing by Pakistan have neither ceased nor reduced after the surgical strike India carried out a few months ago. In fact the situation in Kashmir has become even more precarious and even more volatile and it is obvious that Pakistan is a key player and instigator in the entire affair. Even the head of the Hizbul Mujahideen hides in Pakistani territory and controls his stooges in remote from Pakistan.

The ISI has cleverly targeted all the vulnerable groups in the valley and in several districts they seem to be completely in command. However they need to be countered by a comprehensive policy where the government of India needs to target the head of the snake rather than the tail. The tail is visible in Kashmir but unless some form of punitive action is taken against Pakistan and those who represent its interests in India there will be very little impact on the activities of the stone pelters and the militants.

It is obvious that any policy to counter terrorism in Kashmir has to include action against the funders, the paid media and the militants and the stone pelters. There are also several groups in Kashmir who do not come into the media limelight but play the role of opinion makers and opinion moulders and there are groups that are spreading wahabi Islam in Kashmir to radicalise its youth. While attempts need to be made on all fronts to reintroduce Sufi Islam into Kashmir through the various culture ministries and education itself to make Kashmiris feel proud of their history the spread of Wahabi culture needs to be countered.

But for any initiative to succeed Pakistan too needs to face punitive action for its adventure in Kashmir and while counter shelling is obviously not producing the desired results it is time for India to think of limited escalation on the border to make Pakistan realise that crime in Kashmir will not pay.


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