Ours is the only non-corrupt government: Kejriwal

New Delhi, Oct 21 : Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Monday slammed the BJP for being a ‘corrupt political party’ and said his government turned out to be the only non-corrupt government in the history of politics.

“No other party has ever received so much appreciation from the people in the last 70 years. We have changed our campaigning pattern, we stopped giving speeches this time. We are mute spectators, and the audience is telling us about the work we have done,” Kejriwal said as he addressed a gathering of volunteers in Rohini district.

He said the entire Delhi is his family now.

“Whatever we have done is out of our love for the people. I belong to a middle-class family, and I understand the pain of a common man. I felt the pain of the family who would suffer because their child needs medical attention.

“And so, we came up with Mohalla clinics. I felt the pain of the family whose child did not receive a quality education from the government schools,” he said.

Praising his volunteers, he said the amount of energy the AAP volunteers have today, ” I do not think that they had this much energy back in 2015. This is because the work that we have done in the last five years, no other state government has done it ever.”

He added that today, an AAP volunteer walks everywhere with pride and honour because of the work “we have done in Delhi”.

“The 5-year terms of the previous governments were full of corruption scandals and misappropriation. These political parties also had us inspected through various means, but our government turned out to be the only non-corrupt government in the history of politics.”.


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