New take on terror

By Ajit Chak

Barecola has fallen and so did London and Manchestor and several other cities in Europe and it all began from France and will most probably end when the world sheds the liberal attitude that France has adopted and adopts a new global policy towards terrorism. 

Terrorism has suddenly become low budget where innocent civilians and not military targets are attacked. While a state spends millions to protect its military targets its spending on protecting ordinary citizens who elect governments is pathetic. An average citizen in Delhi or Paris does not even have the entitlement to a personal bodyguard or in the case of Delhi even a gun license. 

The world needs to rethink terrorism by arming its old residents and non-immigrant families with easy access to guns and weapons training for self defence so that civilians when attacked have a first aid form of defence against terrorists. 

Secondly the world needs to take pain and suffering to the terror groups, their homes and hearth and tribes so that they think twice before attacking civilians anywhere in the world. 

However to do this like-minded nations will have to form a multinational task force which does not have anything to do with the united nations organisation as there are several member nations in the UNO which support and fund and nurture terror groups and terrorist activities. 

Stopping terrorists at the point of delivery is not a victory for any nation for then the terrorists have already accomplished what they have wanted to do. They have instilled terror in the local population and killed and hurt innocent civilians. 

The world may feel that this is akin to promoting vigilantism but there  is no vigilantism involved here as there are intelligence agencies that operate in other nations and today drone technologies have given them great striking power. The residents of Europe and democracies in Asia have to join hands to avenge Manchestor and Barcelona and Paris and other cities too before the terrorists become bolder and bolder and bring pain and suffering to more people. They will have to look at both legal measures like mass deportations of suspects and those who rationalise violence in the name of terror and they will have to wreak havoc on those nations from where terror originates. The question is do they have the courage and the will to take such stringent and strong steps to protect the common man in their own nations? 


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