Inside Mosul, a huge blast, then screams, dust and horror

By John Davison and Ahmed Rasheed MOSUL, Iraq/BAGHDAD, Mar 29 : Crouching in his Mosul home, Abu Ayman suddenly felt the ground rock as if struck by an earthquake when a massive explosion tore through his street, filling the room with dust and shattered glass. Then came the screams and cries from next door. His […]

Iraqi forces battle toward landmark Mosul mosque

By Isabel Coles and John Davison MOSUL, Mar 29 : Iraqi special forces and police fought Islamic State militants to edge closer to the al-Nuri mosque in western Mosul today, tightening their control around the landmark site in the battle to recapture Iraq’s second city, military commanders said. The close-quarters fighting is focused on the […]

Bomb factories, village command posts: Islamic State’s rural fight

By John Davison BADUSH, Iraq, Mar 27 : Islamic State fighters have pulled out of this deserted village on the Tigris river, which Iraqi commanders say was a crucial outpost defending their nearby stronghold of Mosul, but signs of their presence abound. As the sounds of battle echo in the distance, the stinking corpses of […]

Iraqi forces pause Mosul push over concern for civilian casualties

By Patrick Markey MOSUL, Iraq, Mar 25 : Iraqi government forces paused in their push to recapture western Mosul from Islamic State militants today because of the high rate of civilian casualties, a security forces spokesman said. Residents escaping the besieged area have told of Iraqi and US-led coalition air strikes demolishing buildings and killing […]

Iraqi forces prepare new push, tactics in Mosul as civilians flee city

By Angus MacSwan MOSUL, Iraq, Mar 24 : Iraqi forces are preparing a fresh push against Islamic State using new tactics, but operations to drive the militants out of their last stronghold in the country are on hold, military officials said today. Families streamed out of the northern Iraqi city during the lull in fighting, […]

Islamic State shells recaptured areas in west Mosul

By Hamuda Hassan MOSUL, Mar 22 : Islamic State militants shelled areas recaptured by Iraqi forces in western Mosul, hitting civilians fleeing the fighting early on Wednesday as troops edged their way through the narrow, dangerous streets of the Old City. Heavy mortar fire killed at least five civilians and wounded more than 20 in […]