Modi’s gesture highlights sense of humility

Houston, Sep 22 : As Prime Minister Narendra Modi was handed a large bouquet of flowers in welcome on his arrival at Houston airport, a flower stalk fell to the ground. Unhesitatingly, the PM bent to pick up the stalk, before handing it away to an aide, in a gesture highlighting his sense of cleanliness and simplicity.

Modi, who got a red carpet welcome, was received by Director, Trade and International Affairs, Christopher Olson, the US ambassador in India Kenneth Juster, and Indian envoy in the US Harsh Vardhan Shringla, and several other officials on his arrival on a week-long visit to the US.

As he greeted officials while walking down the carpet, a woman handed him a large bouquet of flowers. As the PM smilingly accepted the bouquet, one flower stalk fell to the ground. The PM who had just handed over the bouquet to an aide, instead of waiting for someone to pick it up, or stepping over the stalk, immediately bent down, picked it up, and also handed it to the aide.

He then walked to a waiting limousine, before driving to the hotel.


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