Martin didn’t want to ‘battle’ Paltrow

Los Angeles, Feb 20 : Coldplay frontman Chris Martin has revealed he never wanted a “battle” with his ex-wife Gwyneth Paltrow.

Martin split from the 43-year-old actress in 2014 after almost 10 years of marriage but worked hard to “maintain a friendship” so their children Apple, 11, and Moses, 9, would never have to read negative stories about their relationship, reports

“If you have kids and they start reading about their parents not liking each other, that’s not good. We just spent a long time trying to maintain a friendship so there wouldn’t have to be any kind of battle,” Martin was quoted as saying by NME magazine.

Despite the high profile of their marriage breakdown, the 38-year-old singer managed to avoid reading media coverage of their split as he felt there would be “no good” in doing so.

“Of course, village gossip, we all like to know what everyone’s up to… But once you start being in it you realise, well, this isn’t really based on any truth,” Martin said.

“Especially if you go through a big break-up, there’s no point reading about it. There’s just no good gonna come from it,” he added.


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