Making the roads safer

By Ajit Chak: The roads in Uttar Pradesh and bordering Haryana are very unsafe and there is a clear and present failure of the police in these matters in both states as the recent spate in crimes against women and businessmen in both states shows. The police presence is obviously required on the highways of the state of Haryana to safeguard women and in Uttar Pradesh there is a total collapse in policing and crime prevention as the police simply does not know how to go about it and can only react to a crime after it has been committed. While it is impossible for the Haryana police to actively patrol and check each and every vehicle carrying women passengers to ensure their physical safety after the ghastly rape in Gurugram where a women was gangraped and her infant daughter killed by the miscreants who raped her, there are other ways and means to try and prevent such crimes.

The police and administration could for example set up a subsidised emergency service for young women travelling alone which would be certified and under GPS surveillance. These autos or vans or cabs could be made available at points where crimes are likely to occur and in areas that have been identified as crime prone areas. A woman cop could be posted in such a vehicle to ensure the safety of the passengers or women drivers could be incharge. Similarly police patrolling could be stepped up in these areas and a civil defence network along the lines of volunteers and civil defence volunteers and Special Police officers could be created in these areas with good communication facilities to tip off the local police in case of any suspicious activity. Similarly the police could establish check points near crime prone and desolate areas to prevent such incidents from taking place.

There is also a slight difference in the nature of the crimes being committed in Haryana and in Uttar Pradesh. In Uttar Pradesh loot and money are turning out to be prime motives while in Haryana the crimes are primarily against women.


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