List of woes grows in UP

By Ajit Chak

Even as the Yogi Government grapples with the tragedy in the BRD Hospital in Gorakhpur, where a blame game can be seen developing between doctors politicians and bureaucrats each trying to pass the buck on to the other in what is a tragedy that could have only occurred when there was collective negligence on the part of several authorities, its list of woes is growing.

As the media highlight is on Gorakhpur a worse tragedy has developed in Bahraich which may not be the CMÔÇÖs constituency but is an extremely sensitive border district which borders Nepal as a huge and destructive has submerged the region and taken many villages under its grip.

The Uttar Pradesh government so far is like the Haryana Govt is headed by a man with little administrative experience even though his intentions are good. He was probably placed in the saddle in the hope that he would get the party enough votes in the next Lok Sabha elections.

May be the next Lok Sabha will see the BJP get a large amount of votes only due to the consolidation of votes of the majority community but the if the government continues to falter the way it is in public life it will definitely not be is a position to repeat its performance in Uttar Pradesh. What people in a state need is a government that delivers. The official machinery in the state has become both indolent and insensitive to the needs of the people. The floods in Bahraich provide an opportunity to the party to create a new leader in the state and they need to choose from those who have administrative experience and create a committee of such leaders to monitor the situation there and provide rescue and relief on a war footing in the area.

The floods will destroy homes, money and livelihoods and after the floods will come disease and death which all need to be countered. Unfortunately Uttar Pradesh today has public servants who are neither public nor servants. They have become adhikaris and they do not want to work even for the salaries and perks they are getting. Is there a leader in the state who will by example be able to lead them.

The BJP needs to create a core team with leaders like Rajnath Singh, Rita Bahuguna, Kalraj Mishra and seasoned administrators and retired police personnel to do fire fighting in the state otherwise it may be too late for both the people and the present rulers of Uttar Pradesh.


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