Kaun Banega Pastepati: students educated about dental health withfun, humour

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DW Bureau/Ludhiana

Rotary Club Ludhiana greater and Dr Rajan Bir Singh Thind of Thind Dental Clinic, Jamalpur, today organized ÔÇÿKaun Banega PastepatiÔÇÖ at a camp organised by Sikh Missionary College at gurudwara Rara Sahib Bhagwan Nagar to increase awareness among children about dental health.

Dr Thind engaged students in a humorous skit which showed how chocolate and sticky foods stick to teeth, the damage caused by them overnight, and how proper brushing helps in ensuring healthy teeth. He called upon some students from the audience, and gave them the roles of the un brushed tooth, the brushed tooth, chocolate and sticky foods.

Dr Thind told the audience that 12-13 years is the right age for getting their orthodontic treatment or braces because after that the pressure of studies increases on the kids and the treatment is postponed for one or other reason .finally the braces treatment is remembered only at the time of matrimony only .

The children enjoyed the show as Dr Thind made the ÔÇÿunbrushed toothÔÇÖ get sickly and fall due to lack of care at night, while the ÔÇÿbrushed toothÔÇÖ remained healthy and glowing. Dr Thind also demonstrated the correct way to brush the teeth.

Later, Dr Thind played a playful quiz with children to know their knowledge about their teeth. All the children who answered the questions correctly were given toothbrushes and toothpastes as prizes. In all, about a hundred toothpastes and toothbrushes were distributed as part of the program.

The children greatly appreciated the interactive session through which they learnt about dental care. Dr Thind said he kept these sessions light and playful so that through drama and humour, he could teach children these important lessons regarding oral health.

The dental educative session was organized by Dr Thind as part of his ÔÇÿMission SmileÔÇÖ project. Dr Thind launched the Mission Smile project about 20 years ago to share his knowledge about dental care, and educate people on how to maintain healthy, shining teeth and gums.

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