He is often called ÔÇ£a writing machine,ÔÇØ and with thousands of articles to his credit, it is understandable why. Kal Korff is a longtime, internationally known accredited Analyst, Broadcaster, Columnist and Investigative Journalist. A Jewish-American by nationality, Kal lives in India and has traveled to more than two dozen countries doing everything from living there to productions, reporting, directing and conducting firsthand investigative research. Kal is also the host of the Kal Korff Radio Show which is part of the Daily World family and can be heard at:


Kal Korff writes on a diverse variety of subjects including but not limited to: International affairs, politics, terrorism, travel, technology, Middle East, Europe, United States, science, space, military affairs, business, food, restaurants and Hollywood.


Kal has been an Analyst, Broadcaster, Commentator and Investigative Journalist on or for such popular TV networks as ABC, CNN, Discovery Channel, FOX, History Channel, MSNBC, NBC, National Geographic and has appeared on countless radio shows and in the newspapers, including National Public RadioÔÇÖs Science Fridays, Art BellÔÇÖs Coast-to-Coast AM, Dr. Seth Shostak of SETI, Jeff RenseÔÇÖs Sightings, Laura Lee Show, Rob McConnellÔÇÖs X-Zone Radio Show, Chip PresherÔÇÖs Mind Cemetery, San Francisco Examiner, Prague Post, Metropolitni Expres, Washington Post, U.S. News and World Report, Phoenix New Times, Daily Review, Argus, Stanford Daily, San Jose Mercury News, Oakland Tribune, Ohlone Monitor, Omni, Skeptical Inquirer, Skepsis, True, Saga UFO Report, Beyond Reality, Fortean Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Frontiers of Science, LBC Radio, RTL, DW2, TV Nova, Radio Praha, Radio Free Europe, YouTube, Scribd, Facebook and countless others. Here is a small sample of his unprecedented, unique portfolio over the decades. No other journalist doing the kind of reporting and writing that Kal does, has this distinctive and diverse background.


Kal Korff is also author of several books, including non-fiction exposes such as: Spaceship of the Pleiades ÔÇô The Billy Meier Story, Annie JacobsenÔÇÖs Area 51 Book Scandal, The CIAÔÇÖs Torture Files, FAKEships of the Pleiades: The Silly Meier Story, The Wisdom of Randomness and the Roswell UFO Crash: What They DonÔÇÖt Want You to Know, which remains the bestselling expose of all time concerning the mythical Roswell ÔÇ£UFO crashÔÇØ of 1947.


Kal has worked at some of the worldÔÇÖs top companies and has had a very diverse career in technology, analysis and the arts, including: Atari, Service Systems, Apple and its software subsidiary, Claris; Boeing Company, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Xerox, TotalResearch, BookBrowser, Syberdine Systems, Korff Kiosks, SpectraGraphics of Fremont, CriticalThinkers, Prague Post, MAFRA, Metropolitni Expres, Daily Post and Daily World to name just a few. He has held positions with past employers and companies that include: CEO, President, Vice-President, Senior Manager, HR Director, Branding Manager, Analyst, Senior Analyst, Senior Systems Analyst Levels I, II and III; Tech Support Specialist Levels I and II; Chief Technical Officer, Chief Information Officer, Bureau Chief Middle East, Europe, United States; Director, Graphic Artist, Author, Script Writer, Segment Producer, Lecturer, Teacher, Multimedia Designer, Software Developer, Human Interface Designer, Consultant, Shift Supervisor, Web Site Designer, Columnist, Investigative Journalist, Principle, Counterterrorism Analyst and Advisor.


Since October 19, 1973, Kal Korff has devoted his life to achieving three major goals:


  1. Conduct original research.


  1. Finishing research left incomplete or unresolved by others.


  1. Look at existing, important issues ÔÇö analyze and understand them, then implement a solution.

Each of Kal’s projects, books, products or “causes” falls within one or more of these three categories, or he’s likely not interested.


The results of this research and studies are always released to the public in a wide variety of formats and media so that people are empowered to examine the data and decide issues for themselves, to help them separate fact from fiction.


“There is no difference between a fanatic or extremist who wants to harm you just because you don’t believe in their specific religion, versus a UFO or CONspiracy nut who also threatens or wants to hurt you, just because you don’t believe that the U.S.┬áGovernment has aliens stuffed away preserved in pickle jars as part of a mythical ‘Cosmic Watergate’ or cover-up. The issue here is extremism and fanaticism, intolerance and hatred; combined with a lack of critical thinking. The specific subject is just a detail, it has to be something. The definition of an extremist is someone who refuses to accept facts and reality.


“Extremism, hatred, and intolerance are always wrong,” says Kal.


“Extremism, regardless of the subject involved, especially when there’s hatred, intolerance and violence,┬áautomatically exists when there is no critical thinking.


“The reasons why are always the most important, in any subject. Once one understands ‘the why’ of something, one can then figure out ‘the how,’ as in how to then address or correct a problem and solve it. Once one knows how, one can then determine when, where, and at what location or time. These factors are all related, but without knowing the why of something, one can never gain true nor real as in a full understanding of a subject or an important task or a problem that needs to be solved. Understanding the ‘why’ of everything, is always most important,” says Kal.


The worlds needs more Critical Thinking, it cannot afford less. Societies who fail to Think Critically, become extinct.ÔÇØ