June to be observed as anti-malaria, July as anti-dengue: Vij


Haryana Health Minister, Anil Vij said that the month of June in the state will be observed as anti-malaria and July as anti-dengue. For this, it has been advised to stay safe from mosquitoes to control vector-borne diseases.

The Health Minister has sent a letter appealing to all Panches, Sarpanches and Gram Panchayats of the state for their cooperation. It has been mentioned in the letter that the village panchayats should clean their areas, fill the water logged pits with soil, construct cemented floor, drain around the hand pumps, and stand posts.

Vij said that people have urged to cover water utensils and tanks in their houses and to use mosquito nets during night to stay safe from any type of vector-borne diseases. He said that people should fill water after cleaning and drying the coolers, vases, water utensils of animals and birds, and water tanks once a week. Apart from this, gambusia fish should be released in the standing water in the ponds of villages, which prevents mosquitoes from growing by eating the larvae.

Advising the Sarpanches, the Health Minister said that if any person in the village complaints of having fever with cold, he should immediately get free blood tests done at the nearest health centre and get complete treatment. He said that it is the responsibility of Panchayats along with the Government to take appropriate steps for the health of the people in their areas.


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