Jensen Ackles’ ‘Arrow’ dream to come true

Los Angeles, July 14 : Actor Stephen Amell is excited about the seventh season of “Arrow” but before it premieres later this year, he says “Supernatural” star Jensen Ackles dream will come true.

“This was delivered to my trailer in August of 2012. Just realised that when S6 (season 6) of ‘Arrow’ gets released on Blu-Ray, we’ll have come full circle. Finally, Jensen Ackles’ dream will come true,” Amell tweeted on Friday along with an image of a signed copy of the sixth season of “Supernatural”.

Ackles had deliberately spelt Amell’s name wrong on the copy, and wrote that he will be expecting a signed copy of season six of “Arrow” when it gets released.

He also warned him to stay off the set of “Supernatural”, which is aired on AXN in India.

Ackles and his on-screen brother Jared Padalecki have often played pranks on Amell. They had once changed Amell’s name plate to “Stephen Smells”. They also took a photograph of themselves pretending to urinate all over Amell’s parking space.

Earlier this year, Amell poked fun at the actors by sitting in their iconic Impala and saying the car smelled like “13 seasons worth of farts”.

“Supernatural” has completed 13 seasons and the shooting for the next has already begun.


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